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About us

Volcanic tuff is a natural building material formed by the explosion of Erciyes and Hasan mountain in Cappadocia region. The stone is an alternative used in the construction sector and has contributed to the attractiveness of Cappadocia. Our stone region offers us his blessing as volnak tuff. The natural appearance of the stone has been used abundantly in every architectural element in our region, such as fireplace flooring , fountains, domes, chimneys, streets and interior flooring. Cappadocia stone is a living creature that from the moment it is cut, it’s appearance will be changed by the air humidity, light, and temperature.

This stone is composed of lava, and when newly extracted is soft. Over time, air, sun and wind meet to harden the stone and protect buildings for thousands of years. Used indoors and outdoors, Cappadocia stone breathes and provides continuous fresh air.
Kaptas company in the Cappadocia region has produced stone covering, upholstery and decorations since 1997, with 13 licenses and 2 thousand meters of indoor area, 30 thousand meters of outdoor area.
Our company currently employs 250 personnel, and that number increasing daily to meet produciton demand. Our outstanding craftsmen handcraft the bonding and mechanical assembly of our outdoor spaces are at your service. In our project office, we offer our work to meet your tastes.

The stone we have worked in accordance with traditional architecture to contemporary developments
we are continuing our efforts to develop with the appropriate models.With the hope that all initiatives that start with good intentions and enthusiasm will be as permanent and meaningful as stones.…